CV. Barokah Karya Bersama


CV. Barokah Karya Bersama is a company that produces agricultural products and Spices from Indonesia with the best quality and wholesale prices. Established in August 2018, our mission is to assist in producing quality Indonesian agricultural & Spices products. We believe that Indonesia can be the world commodity market leader. Also, we would like to empower farmers that can be helped in their economy and prospecting our products go through a very selective process and according to procedures that aim to maintain the quality of the best products.
Commitment, satisfaction, profesional services on handling the products and ensure the Quality of Products from direct Farmers until to Customer's hand. And We also give the guarantee for all Our products because we know the bussines is just not about the money but Partnership also and Our Principal is "The Customer's Sastisfaction is Our Priority"

Company Overview

we are global supplier of agriculture and spices products from Indonesia .
we can provide and supply raw materials of any products with best quality control, fast delivery and competitive price.
we are most welcome for all customers from any countries.
and hopefully can doing bussines together for long term to reach goals together with win-win solutions.
for us, bussines is just not only about benefit but partnership also.
and our principal is "customers satisfaction is number one"


Establish mutually beneficial cooperation for the long term and sustainable. Forward and Grow together.


Establish since early 2018, which locate in Jakarta - Indonesia, this company "CV. BAROKAH KARYA BERSAMA" is growth well & fast to be one of a "Leading of spices supplier in INDONESIA and internationally.

CV. BAROKAH KARYA BERSAMA is known as the profesional capable Supplier & Exporter for the indonesian spices, herbs & agriculture commodity such White Pepper, Black Pepper, Clove, Stem Clove, Cocoa, Raw Cashew Nuts, Betel nuts, Nutmeg, Mace, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Green mung beans, Copra, Coffee Bean, Konjac and many more...

High Quality, Commitment, satisfaction, profesional services & handling is our strong value to make all the people who involved in this company (employee, farmer, supplier & buyer) to be satisfy supply chain and can make our relationship as a partner in a long term.

We directly source and process all the commodity that we do by profesional team & highly experience to ensure the highest quality to supply.

In April 2019 we start to export our commodity worldwide directly and indirectly. With a wide sourcing of networking all over the world that we develop make us grown very well to be one of the Leader of INDONESIAN Spices Specialities Supplier.

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